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Most people we represent get fines. That includes people who have been caught drink driving, careless driving while your licence is suspended or disqualified. In some cases we can avoid a criminal record altogether or get you a good behavior bond.

If you want to speak to an expert barrister about your case, it will not cost you anything. In most cases, a conversation with a barrister will put your mind at ease.

We always recommend speaking to a barrister about your case to put your mind at ease. Not knowing what is going to happen can make the few months before you go to Court very stressful. We can explain what will happen leading up to the Court hearing and on the day of the hearing.




If you've been charged with drink driving, or think you might be, you will probably be embarrassed and very stressed. Who do you tell? Do you have to tell your boss? What about family and friends?






This is more serious than you probably think. For a first offence the Court can impose a jail term of up to four months and for a second offence the Court can give a fine up to $24,000 or 2 years in jail.






There are a range of traffic law offences. If you have been detected by the police for erratic driving or have been involved in an accident you might have some of the following charges.



William Archer Defence Lawyers is the only traffic law firm in Victoria.  We practise exclusively in driving while suspended or disqualified, drink driving and all traffic law matters in the Magistrates' Court.

We will manage your case at every stage to help relieve the stress, minimise your penalty and, where possible, save your licence. William Archer Defence Lawyers listen to your story and prepare your case thoroughly so that we get you the best result.

We will talk to you at the outset about fees and will provide a fixed written fee so you know exactly how much it will cost before we commence any work.

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