SUSPENDED DRIVING - (Ringwood Court) We had a client with two drive disqualified charges. He was caught one month apart. He was a family man who relied on his licence for work. At court, we were able to tell his story and explain the confusion he had with VicRoads. He was fined $250 for the first offence and $750 for the second offence. Importantly, he did not lose his licence, so now he can provide for his young family.

DRINK DRIVING - (Melbourne Court) We had a client with his third drink drive (reading 0.186). He had two priors in 2002 and 2004. We spoke to him about his situation and organised reports from doctors and psychologists. After presenting his case, he was fined $750 and his licence was cancelled for the minimum period of time.

DRINK DRIVING - (Werribee Court) A truck driver was charged with drink driving after the police attended the scene of a single vehicle accident into a paddock on a rural road. There were no witnesses to the accident. He was breath tested with a reading of 0.195. We made the police prove that he had driven the car within the previous three hours. Because they could not, they withdrew the charge after some lengthy negotiations.

UNPAID FINES - (Dandenong Court) We had a client who was driving on Eastlink for work and incurred fines in excess of $45,000. We listened to her story, reviewed her documents and had the fines reduced to a total of $1000 and got her 3 months to pay.

DISQUALIFIED DRIVING - (Dandenong Court) A lady in her 20's was caught driving on a disqualified licence. She had been disqualified by the Dandenong Court for drink driving. At court we were able to stop her losing her licence for any longer. She was given a fine of $1000.

UNPAID FINES - (Frankston Court) A lady in her 40's had $68,000 in unpaid fines. She was arrested by the Sheriff and taken to court. At court we were able to have her fines reduced to $3,000 payable at the rate of $100 per month. That's a saving of $65,000.00

DISQUALIFIED DRIVING - (Heidelberg Court) A man in his 30's was caught driving on a disqualified licence two months into a six month licence cancellation for drink driving. He was driving for work. The court suspended his licence for 2 months (which overlapped with the drink driving disqualification) and fined him $1000.

DRUG DRIVING AND DISQUALIFIED DRIVING - (Ringwood Court) A man in his 40's had three cases heard on the same day. The charges included drug driving twice, disqualified driving twice and possession of 20 ecstasy tablets. He was fined $1500 with a three month licence cancellation.